1. Is Woodinavia a for-profit company?

- Yes. We want to protect as much forest as we can with your help. To do that, we need to advertise and spread the word, and we have some administrative expenses too.

2. What is the product?

- When you buy our products, you are protecting a 100ft²/10m² or a 10ft²/1m² area of a Scandinavian forest. You will get a wooden gift item with a serial number. If you do not want to get any physical items, you can just buy the electronic certificate.

3. Is the forest really protected?

- Yes. Officially, legally, forever. We do all the paperwork for you and of course, we always protect a bigger piece at once. If our company does not exist after 100 years, the forest will still be protected and future generations cannot harm it due to the laws of Finland.

4. Where is the forest located?

- The first forest is located in the Arctic Circle area, nearby lake Savijärvi, Enontekiö, in Finland. You can see the exact location on our map.

5. How do I know where exactly is the piece of forest I am protecting?

- Every product has a unique serial number, which indicates a certain piece of land in the abovementioned forest. You can check your exact piece at our website's Your Forest page.

6. Is this conservation of nature?

- Yes. Woodinavia bought a large area of forest in order to protect it from being logged.

7. Can I buy a Woodinavia product as a gift?

- Yes. If you want to, you can send us your name and/or selfie and your serial number and we will add them to the map. If you are buying our products as a gift, you can also send his/her name and serial number, and we will add them to the map. Later the person can send us their selfie if they want that to be added too.

8. What is going to happen in the future?

- We are going to buy more forests in the Arctic Circle area in order to protect them. We hope that at that point we don't have to spend as much money on marketing and we can protect a bigger piece of forest per purchased product (with the same price).

9. Why are you doing this?

- The global coniferous forests blanketing the northern hemisphere in Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska and Russia are forming a single ecosystem that is home to countless plants and animals. Since the end of last ice age, these forests have stored more carbon than all tropical rainforests added together. And therefore these forests are playing a critically important role in holding back the impacts of climate change. Learn more: https://woodinavia.com/blogs/news/the-great-northern-forest-and-the-coughing-planet-we-live-on

10. I still have more questions

- We are always willing to answer and help you, just mail us at info@woodinavia.com!